About Me

  I entered the USAF Air Police in June 1965 and got discharged in 1969.  Then I joined the New York Air Guard in 1973 at Westchester Air Guard Base. Then the Unit moved to Stewart Airport in 1984.  In January 1985 I became the first Active Duty Flight Sgt.in the 105th Security Forces Sq. I retired Active Duty in 1996 as a MSgt.  I joined as a civilian NYS Peace Officer at Stewart Air Base doing security and law enforcement for the USAF.  I retired after 15 years as a Sergeant in 2013.

I joined the City of Beacon Fire Department in 1970 as a volunteer fireman.  I am now Exempt.


This web site will feature photos that I take and have taken over 60 years of Beacon, NY and area.  I am an amateur photographer.  I share my photos and hope everyone enjoys them.  If you have an idea that you would like to see E-mail me at:  aircop643@aol.com
Check back often for new updates on New Photos

  1. Hudson River
    Hudson River
  2. Beacon, New York
    Beacon, New York